Why I never stress out at dressage competitions! – Master Dressage Lessons

Why I never stress out at dressage competitions!

Why I never stress out at dressage competitions…
Milly, my 14year old daughter, asked me ‘Daddy, how do you think we will do?’ ( at the Team Quest Finals). I said “We will get exactly what we deserved plus or minus a little luck”. Whatever happens here is ‘almost’ foreordained. Our results here depend very much on how much training we did in the past, what experience the mare had and how well we helped her overcome her fear at shows. Put in your normal good effort and we will see what we will see.
In my book, in just one of the many pieces of advice, I cover 7 gradual steps you can use to get from home to competition with as little stress as possible. Click the link below to find out more.

tinkerindoorIn 2014 at Team Quest Finals, my daughter Milly rode a 68ish% test and then didn’t even get up the center line on the 2nd test as the mare was beginning to throw her weight around and Milly felt unsafe. The team due to a lameness came last ( and Milly withdrawing). This year 2015 Milly scored 70+% on all of her tests and the team came 3rd. At neither competition was I stressed and nor did I pressurise Milly.

Why? Because I knew that whatever the horse did, it was going to do. It was expected and a direct result of what had gone before. In the first one, the mare was green and hadn’t had many outings. Who was I to get upset with either horse or rider for what happens? In the 2nd event, the mare did so much better and that came from all the working taking her to events and training the rider.
You can see Milly and her horse in the book demonstrating some of the techniques she used to make it all the way to the finals scoring over 70%. ( 70% & 72% ). Both of these score could have been much higher but the mare became rather tense in the very high winds and rein ( this being the luck element ). So in the end we were very pleased with her… and it was something we had expected. The photo on the left is Milly warming up at the Team Quest Regionals.



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