20 Ways To Go Wrong – Master Dressage Lessons

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20 Ways To Go Wrong In A Dressage Test
5 Fixes To Rule Them All

Twenty ways to go wrong (aka the judges comments)

1.Falling onto outside shoulder
2. Not on center line
3. Too much neck bend
4. Needs more suppleness
5. Needs more impulsion
6. Circle too shallow
7. Lacking energy
8. Needs to stretch more
9. Hollowing in upward trans
10. Unbalanced on turn
11. Behind the vertical
12. Needs more overtrack
13. Cutting corner
14. Loops uneven size
15. Tense through neck
16. Lacking sufficient bend
17. Circle too large
18. Tense over back
19. Inconsistent to contact
20. Quarters in

Five Fixes

These 5 fixes are the 5 steps, a chapter for each step, from the book Master Dressage. Master Dressage was #1 Best Seller in multiple categories during all the time it was available and got to 21st Best Seller out of ALL books on Amazon.co.uk!.

Accuracy – learn how to be significantly more accurate. This isn’t all about knowing the shapes, it is about understanding how to create a horse which is evenly balanced through both shoulders and how to turn correctly. This chapter will help fix 20,17,16,14,13,10,6,4,3,2,1 – Download the first 4 pages from the chapter on accuracy

Fluidity – learn how to flow from one movement to the next. Understand how to prepare for your movements, and how to make smoother transitions. This chapter will help fix 16,13,10,4,2

Understanding – understand the requirements of the movements, typical errors that riders make and what it is judges are looking for in a test. This will help fix 4,5,7,8,11,12,15,18,19

Practice – understand what you should be practicing, how to think about schooling and training, and improving your focus. Learn what you should do when things go wrong, and you find yourself out of your depth. This will help give you a plan for fixing all the issues.

Review – learn how to properly and scientifically review all your progress and results. This will help you identify problems and learn how to fix them.

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